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Curated by Esperti di Amazon Music

Classici Temi Colonne Sonore

Curated by Esperti di Amazon Music

I temi tratti dai più grandi film di sempre.


1Star Wars (Main Theme)2Mission: Impossible Theme3Love Theme From "The Godfather"4James Bond Theme5He's a Pirate6James Bond Theme7Profondo rosso (Original soundtrack from "Profondo Rosso")8Gabriel's Oboe9Moon River10Why Wait11Misirlou12Rose's Theme (My Heart Will Go On) (Solo Piano Version)13Forrest Gump Suite14Honor Him15Now We Are Free16La vita è bella17Ouverture - Mary Poppins18Theme From Love Story19Main Theme (From "Jurassic Park")20Conquest of Paradise21Amarcord22Fantozzi23Flying Theme (From "E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial")24Lara's Theme (From "Doctor Zhivago")25Per un pugno di dollari: Titoli26Alone in Kyoto27Concerning Hobbits28Heart of Courage29Main Theme (From "Jaws")30Mia & Sebastian’s Theme (Late For The Date)31Einaudi: Una Mattina32Buongiorno Principessa - Largo33Yumeji's Theme (Theme from 'in the Mood for Love')34Il Postino (Titoli) (From "Il Postino" Soundtrack)35Axel F. (2016 Composers Cut)36Out of Africa37Theme From Schindler's List38La valse d'Amélie (Version piano)39Finale (Dragonheart/Soundtrack Version)40The John Dunbar Theme (From "Dances With Wolves")41The Entertainer (The Sting/Soundtrack Version/Orchestra Version)42Elegy for Dunkirk (From "Atonement")43Once Upon a Time in the West (From "Once Upon a Time in the West")44The Godfather Waltz (From "The Godfather")45La Passerella Di Otto E Mezzo (Film: "8 1/2 - Otto E Mezzo ")46La finestra di fronte (Epilogo)47Gravity48Lawrence of Arabia: Overture (Maurice Jarre)49EXODUS - Overture50Leaving India51Adela’s Theme (From "A Passage To India")52Out Here On My Own (Instrumental Version)53Born Free54Amore a forza, Pt. 355Vangelis: Main Theme (From "Chariots of Fire")56In Bicicletta57Un sacco bello (Titoli di coda) (Da "Un sacco bello")58Day One (Interstellar Theme)59Marcia di Brancaleone - Brancaleone's march (Main Titles)60The Eternal Vow61The Batman Theme62Il Mondo è Mio63Opus 1764A Storm Is Coming65Do-Re-Mi66Ben-Hur ( Love Theme )67Main Title68Time69Harry Potter And The Philosopher's Stone - Harry's Wondrous World