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Curated by Esperti di Amazon Music

Novità Alternativa

Curated by Esperti di Amazon Music

Le novità alternative del panorama internazionale e italiano. Cover: Amyl and the Sniffers.


1U Should Not Be Doing That2Sexy to Someone3The Craving (single version)4Beckham5Nice to Meet You6Airplane Window7Dry Lightning (Amazon Music Original)8Growing Story9Your Own Worst Enemy10Lost Changes11The Backwards Heart12The Cosmos13Delphinium Blue14New World (Edit)15Dispose of Me16Joker17Italiapaura18Last Laugh19A Different Light20Take A Bite21Down To The Sea22Rabbit Run23I Want What I Don't Need24Jim25Can't Be Still26Sweet Talk27Cocoon28Feel Too Much29Big Time Nothing30You're Not There31Like I Say (I runaway)32Bored33Home (Single Version)34Lately I35Miss Flower36My Best Friend Needs37Rewilding38Knife Edge39rentrer chez moi40VIUDAS41Non ci penso42Dark Vacay43Starburster44Why Would You Be Loved45Davey Says46The Child Catcher47Artiminime48Coming Back To Me Good49I'm Back50Rag51C'est La Vie52Reaching Out53Round the World54Superior Mirage55Warm Storm56Hold Me Up (Thank You)57Vallahi Yok58Creatures in Heaven59Prep-School Gangsters60Fine61Smoke On the Highway62House63Drunk, Running64Shipwreck65Anyone's Game66Ella's From Somewhere Else67Trilobiten68Feel It (From The Original Series “Invincible”)69Follow the Sound of My Voice70Mary Boone71Split Screen72Too Sweet73You Need Me Now?74Cinderella75Free Treasure76Venal Joy77Midnight Butterflies78Letter To My Daughter79It's A Bitch80Classical