Curato da Esperti di Amazon Music

Ultra HD Indie

Curato da Esperti di Amazon Music

Una selezione con il meglio del mondo indie, in qualità Ultra HD.

39 brani • 2 ore e 27 minuti

1What Is There2Heat Waves3Shameika4Nobody5This Life6Woman7Baby Mine (From "Dumbo"/Soundtrack Version)8Red Bull & Hennessy9Token10It's About to Go Down11Problems III12Wide Open Spaces (Amazon Original)13Break-Thru14Northern Lights15Harmony Hall16Feb 1417Softly18Everybody Wants You19Real Long Time20Sometimes Love Takes So Long21Hope22Stranger23The System Only Dreams in Total Darkness24Everything Now25Take a Walk26Tongue Tied27Sit Next to Me28Lampshades on Fire29Mountain at My Gates30Something For Your M.I.N.D.31Missed Connection32In The Ground33Telescope34Taking a Page35Crater on the Moon36In My Arms37KURT KOBAIN38Lucifer39Southern Sky