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Ultra HD Black Sabbath

Curato da Esperti di Amazon Music

Tutto il meglio dei Black Sabbath in qualità Ultra HD.

36 brani • 2 ore e 54 minuti

1Paranoid2Black Sabbath3Iron Man4Sabbath Bloody Sabbath5The Wizard6Symptom of the Universe7Children of the Grave8Supernaut9Hole in the Sky10Into the Void11Snowblind12Planet Caravan13After Forever14Electric Funeral15Tomorrow's Dream16Sabbra Cadabra17Hand of Doom18Lord of This World19Rock 'N' Roll Doctor20Spiral Architect21Orchid22Megalomania23Never Say Die24Rat Salad25Wicked World26A National Acrobat27Fluff28Killing Yourself to Live29Who Are You?30Looking for Today31Embryo32Solitude33Don't Start (Too Late)34The Thrill of It All35Supertzar36The Writ