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REDISCOVER THE '80s: Hair Metal

Curato da Amazon's Music Experts

Metal went mainstream in the ‘80s: mega-production on hit songs, from artists who looked the part.


118 and Life2Welcome To The Jungle3Girls, Girls, Girls4Wanted Dead Or Alive5Do Ya Wanna Taste It6Here I Go Again (1987 Version) [2003 Remaster]7Pour Some Sugar On Me8Cum on Feel the Noize9Jump (2015 Remaster)10Talk Dirty To Me11Round And Round12We're Not Gonna Take It13Janie's Got A Gun14Home Sweet Home15Rock You Like a Hurricane (2015 - Remaster)16Sweet Child O' Mine17Livin' On A Prayer18Cherry Pie19Turn Up The Radio20Nobody's Fool21Photograph22Is This Love (2003 Remaster)23Shout At The Devil24Unskinny Bop25Kiss Me Deadly26Seventeen27Once Bitten, Twice Shy28Paradise City29The Final Countdown30You Give Love A Bad Name31Dr. Feelgood (Album Version)32I Remember You33Every Rose Has Its Thorn (Remastered 2003)34No One Like You (2015 Remaster)35I Wanna Rock36Love Bites37Panama (2015 Remaster)38Don't Know What You Got (Till It's Gone)39Heaven40Animal41Still of the Night (2003 Remaster)42Don't Close Your Eyes43Looks That Kill44Nothin' But A Good Time (Remastered 2006)45Patience46Youth Gone Wild47Wild Child48Kickstart My Heart49Rock Of Ages50Close My Eyes Forever