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Metal Hits

Curated by Amazon's Music Experts

A collection of the greatest metal song of all time.


1Paranoid2Master Of Puppets3Hallowed Be Thy Name (2015 Remaster)4Iron Man (2016 Remaster)5Enter Sandman (Remastered 2021)6Ace Of Spades7You've Got Another Thing Coming8Raining Blood9The Number of the Beast (2015 Remaster)10War Pigs (2016 Remaster)11Walk12Breaking the Law13Creeping Death (Remastered)14Angel Of Death15Black Sabbath (2016 Remaster)16Holy Wars...The Punishment Due (2004 Remix)17Run to the Hills (2015 Remaster)18Seek & Destroy (Remastered)19Crazy Train (2002 Version)20Stargazer21Painkiller22Heaven and Hell (2009 Remaster)23Symphony Of Destruction24Cowboys from Hell25Nothing Else Matters (Remastered 2021)26The Trooper (2015 Remaster)27Living After Midnight28Sabbath Bloody Sabbath (2016 Remaster)29Holy Diver30The Sentinel31Witching Hour (Live)32Cemetery Gates33For Whom The Bell Tolls (Remastered)34The Hellion35Rime of the Ancient Mariner (2015 Remaster)36Am I Evil?37Peace Sells (2004 Remaster)38Symptom Of The Universe (2021 Remaster)39The Oath40Phantom Of The Opera (Live: Reading Festival, 28 August 1982)41Beyond the Realms of Death42N.I.B. (2016 Remaster)43Fade To Black (Remastered)44Black Metal45Queen Of The Reich (Remastered 2003)46Hangar 18 (2004 Remix)47Aces High (2015 Remaster)48Victim of Changes (Remastered)49Halloween (Edit)50Caught In A Mosh51Children of the Grave (2016 Remaster)52Seasons In The Abyss (Album Version)532 Minutes to Midnight (2015 Remaster)54Mr. Crowley (2002 Version)55Rainbow In The Dark56The Four Horsemen (Remastered)57Balls to the Wall58Into the Void (2016 Remaster)59Blood and Thunder60Battle Hymn61War Ensemble (Album Version)62Fear of the Dark (2015 Remaster)63The Toxic Waltz64Pull Me Under65Take Hold Of The Flame (Remastered)66Souls of Black67Hell Bent for Leather68Powerslave (1998 Remaster)69Sweet Leaf (2016 Remaster)70Tornado Of Souls (2004 Remix)71The Moor (Remastered)72Eyes Of A Stranger (Remastered 2003)73The Last In Line74Freezing Moon75Keeper of the Seven Keys76Hammer Smashed Face77Screaming for Vengeance78Wasted Years (2015 Remaster)79South Of Heaven80Fixation on the Darkness81Battery82Davidian83Jack the Stripper / Fairies Wear Boots (2012 - Remaster)84The Ivory Gate Of Dreams: IV. Quietus85Revolution Calling (Remastered 2003)86Gates Of Babylon87Indians88Diary of a Madman895 Minutes Alone90Dante's Inferno91Redneck92Metal Thrashing Mad93Metal Health (Bang Your Head)94Metropolis - Part I: "The Miracle and the Sleeper"95Floods96Shot in the Dark97Mother98Atlas, Rise!