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The group hit the top of the charts after releasing their debut in '02, & have remained there since.

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1Sugar 2She Will Be Loved (Radio Mix)3Payphone [feat. Wiz Khalifa] 4Memories5Beautiful Mistakes6Maps7This Love8Moves Like Jagger9Girls Like You [feat. Cardi B] 10One More Night11Sunday Morning12Animals13What Lovers Do [feat. SZA]14Nobody's Love15Harder To Breathe 16Daylight17Misery18Don't Wanna Know [feat. Kendrick Lamar]19Love Somebody20Won't Go Home Without You21It Was Always You22Cold [feat. Future] 23Makes Me Wonder 24Shiver25Lucky Strike26This Summer 27Wait28Wake Up Call29Never Gonna Leave This Bed30The Sun31Feelings 32If I Never See Your Face Again [feat. Rihanna]33Girls Like You34Must Get Out35Sad36Nothing Lasts Forever (Album Version)37Just A Feeling38Tangled39Goodnight Goodnight (Album Version)40Stutter41Beautiful Goodbye42Secret43Lips On You44Hands All Over45Not Coming Home46Fortune Teller47Through With You48Back At Your Door (Album Version)49Give A Little More50Sweetest Goodbye