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REDISCOVER The '90s: Grunge

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Mixing rock, metal and punk, this is the music that shaped popular culture in the early '90's.


1Smells Like Teen Spirit2Even Flow3Black Hole Sun4Man In The Box5Nearly Lost You6Hunger Strike7Heart-Shaped Box8Machinehead (Remastered)9Interstate Love Song10Daughter (Remastered)11Cumbersome12Far Behind13Violet14The Man Who Sold The World (Live)15Possum Kingdom16Tomorrow17River of Deceit18Not for You (Remastered)19Suck You Dry (2008 Remaster)20Chloe Dancer/Crown Of Thorns21Outshined (Remastered)22Pretend We're Dead23Swallow My Pride24Would? (2022 Remaster)25Leafy Incline26Come As You Are27Plush (2017 Remaster)28Shadow of the Season29Seether30Glycerine (Remastered)31Backwater32Blow Up The Outside World33Alive34Second Skin35Doll Parts36Nutshell37Seasons38Rape Me39Bound For The Floor40Sex Type Thing (2017 Remaster)41The Scratch42Burden In My Hand43Plowed44Honey Bucket45All Apologies46I Don't Know Anything47Comedown (Remastered)48Feel The Pain [2019 Remaster]49Elderly Woman Behind the Counter in a Small Town (Remastered)50Say Hello 2 Heaven51Down In A Hole52Vasoline53Freak54Sliver55All I Know56Stardog Champion57Fell On Black Days58Celebrity Skin59Molly (Sixteen Candles)60State of Love and Trust61This Is a Call62Between The Eyes63Them Bones (2022 Remaster)64Big Empty65Tyler66Lithium67This Town68You69Given To Fly70Trip71Rusty Cage (Remastered)72Burn a Hole73Swallowed (Remastered)74Wake Up75Serve The Servants76Losing Skin77Trippin' on a Hole in a Paper Heart78Cut You In79Spoonman80Superstar81Heaven Beside You82Miss World83Jeremy84Eddie Vedder85Dollar Bill86My Hometown87Something In The Way88Israel's Son89Lake Of Fire90Again91Creep (2017 Remaster)92Hail, Hail93Volcano Girls94Asking For It95The Day I Tried To Live96Everything Zen (Remastered)97About A Girl (Live)98I'll Stick Around99This Is Shangrila100Yellow Ledbetter