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REDISCOVER The Doobie Brothers

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From laid-back, hippie cool to biker bar rockers, revisit the tunes that put The Doobies on the map.


1Listen to the Music2Long Train Runnin'3What a Fool Believes4China Grove5Black Water6Takin' It to the Streets7Minute by Minute8It Keeps You Runnin'9Another Park, Another Sunday10Rockin' Down the Highway11South City Midnight Lady12Real Love13Toulouse Street14Here to Love You15Mamaloi16You Belong to Me17Dependin' on You18Dark Eyed Cajun Woman19White Sun20The Doctor21Open Your Eyes22Jesus Is Just Alright with Me23Natural Thing24Wheels of Fortune25Echoes of Love26How Do the Fools Survive?27Without You28Cotton Mouth29Little Darling (I Need You)30Take Me in Your Arms (Rock Me a Little While)31Ukiah32Eyes of Silver33Don't Stop to Watch the Wheels34Losin' End35Clear as the Driven Snow36You're Made That Way37Steamer Lane Breakdown38Song to See You Through39The Captain and Me40One Step Closer41Disciple42Sweet Feelin'438th Avenue Shuffle44Don't Start Me to Talkin'45I Cheat the Hangman46You Never Change47South Of The Border48Snake Man49Sweet Maxine50Rollin' On