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REDISCOVER Laurie Anderson

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A creative pioneer, Laurie Anderson's renown career spans performance art, music, and multimedia.

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1O Superman2Language Is a Virus3Sharkey's Day (Remastered Single Edit)4Strange Angels5This Is The Picture (Excellent Birds) (Remastered)6White Lily (Home of the Brave) [Live]7One Beautiful Evening8Let X=X9Another Day In America10Babydoll11Falling12Sharkey's Night (Live)13Cello Solo (Live)14Ramon15From the Air (Remastered)16Gravity's Angel (Remastered)17Only An Expert18It Tango (Remastered)19For a Large and Changing Room (Live)20Same Time Tomorrow21Late Show (Live)22Big Science (Remastered)23Excellent Birds (Remastered)24Walking and Falling25KoKoKu26Coolsville27Example #2228Langue D'Amour (Remastered)29Statue of Liberty30The Ugly One with the Jewels (Live)31Beautiful Red Dress32The Fifth Plague33The Beginning Of Memory34The Three Jewels35O Superman (Original)36Someone Else's Dream (Live Version)37Language Is a Virus from Outer Space (Live)38Enquanto Isso