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Curated by Amazon-Musikredaktion

Women of Indie

Curated by Amazon-Musikredaktion

Highlighting brilliant artists from the world of Indie. Cover: Maggie Rogers.


1Shatter2Blades3You Look Like You Can't Swim4Cartoon Earthquake5Mistakes6Cool About It7the dealer8Ur Mum9Honey (Maya Hawke Version)10Welcome To My Island11Sinner12Glue Song13Silver Into Rain14Heatwave15To Love16Dance Around It17Be Sweet18Craigslist Boy19Gold Lion20Kissing Lessons21Did you know that there's a tunnel under Ocean Blvd22Lost Track23All I Ever Asked24ceilings25Dawncolored Horse26Races27Take Me Home28Lawn29Whenever You Want30In the Country31I’ll Be Your Mirror32Moderation33Sweet Tooth34Little Bother35Down36Sofia37Only You Know38Valentine39Kissing In The Rain40Sunburn41Nobody42Fuckin 'N' Rollin43No44Who Am I But Someone45Kiss Ur Face Forever46Girl Supreme47Kind Of Girl48Pharmacist49Car Therapy50girlfriend51Serotonin52Swirl53Hush54Anything at All55HSKT (Amazon Original)56The Rhythm57The King58Parking Lot59Dirty Mouth60Playground61The Last Man on Earth62Psych Ward63Big Time64Karaoke65Company66Shameika67Why Am I Like This?68Sprinter69Oom Sha La La70Blame It On Society71Gaslight72Champion73Doubt of Revival74Good Girls75Good Bad Times76Doing It To Death77Rimbaud Eyes78123479Running Wild80Dear Trouble81Same Light82Future Politics83To Die in L.A.84Stock Image85Car Crash in G Major86Song for Nick Drake87mona lisa88These Days89On Your Way Now90GIRL ON TV91zombie girl92Secret Language93Fruits of My Labor94California Nights95i h8 that i still feel bad for u96Glitter97Bubblegum98Harvard99Spit It Out100Black Boots And Leather Rebellion