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REDISCOVER Donovan Woods

Curated by Amazon's Music Experts

Go for a musical hike through the Donovan Woods.


1Clean Slate (Amazon Original)2Put On, Cologne3I Hope You Change Your Mind4Portland, Maine5Leaving Nashville6Whatever Keeps You Going - Children's Choir7Here in Chicago8They Don't Make Anything In That Town9Next Year10Leave When You Go11IOWA12Being Together13The Coldest State14My Cousin Has a Grey Cup Ring15On The Nights You Stay Home16Lonely People17That Hotel18Won't Come Back19I Won't Mention It Again20Grew Apart21Your Daughter, John22A Picture of Us Smiling at a Party 5 Years Ago23Way Way Back24I Ain't Saying She's Better Than You25Between Cities26I Ain't Ever Loved No One (Acoustic)27No Time Soon28No Time Has Passed29Good Lover30Man Made Lake31Don't Deny It32Cheyenne33Do I Know Your Name?34What They Mean35Seeing Other People36I'm Still Sweet37He Drinks Gas38Another Way39It'll Work Itself Out40Burn That Bridge41The Worst Way