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Just North of Nashville

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The Canadian Country sound, right now. Cover: Josh Ross


1Matching Tattoos2I Grew Up On A Farm3Blood4One Drink at a Time5A Love6You Left Me7Said It First8She's My Religion9girls at the bar [feat. Alli Walker]10Right Round Here11Completely, Sweetly12Thank You for the Music13Feel the Same14A Different Kind of Year15Surrender (Wedding Edition)16I Had It All17New Favourite Whiskey Song18Easy To Miss19Emotional20Neon Needs The Night21Guilty22This House23Nowhere Town24Redneck Rehab25Finding Firsts26All Night Longer27Toxic28Whatever It Is29Broke It30Songs About You31Whiskey In Colorado32It Ain’t Come to That3325 to Life34Boy Mama35All Because Of Saturday Night36Honky Tonkin' About37Go Get Er38Cowboys Are Frequently Secretly Fond Of Each Other (Live at The Hollywood Bowl, Los Angeles, CA - April 30, 2023)39Bet You Break My Heart40Old Dirt Roads41I Kissed Your Boyfriend42Small Town Somethin'43Hung Up44Stop Making Trucks45Drinks With the Boys46Falling Apart47Liquored Up48Out On a Win49Fixer Upper50Single Again51The Solution52Stumblin'53Weddings and Funerals54Sleeping With Her55The Worst Thing56Better Than You Found It57What the Hell Is Going On in the World Today?58On The Water59Not Yet60Where the Highways Running61Slower Than You Planned62Things I Wish I Didn't Know63Heart Of Exes64Steady The Wheel65Wonder Woman66A Place You Know67Settle For A Drink68Nowhere69To Be A Man70Should've Been You71Shoulda Known Better72Somethin' About You73Downtown74Take A Broken Heart75L Is For76Where I Wanna Be77Country Dance78Hometown's Where The Heart Is79Countin Em Up80City Cowboy81Hometown Heart82Oil and Cattle83Pour Excuses84Be Without You85Run Out86Ain't The One87Falling for You88Fixer Upper89Roots In A Pocket90Do It Anyway91Step On His Boots92The Boy Who Cried Drunk (The Demo)93Good Nights94Trouble Is95Fishin' With Jerry96How Do You Miss Me97Left98Mean Girls99Love Me Like an Outlaw100Love You Back101Whiskey & Me102Things I'd Rather Do103Weekend You104Run Me Outta This Town105Closing The Door106That Was Then, This Is Now107Wait on You108Champagne109Rich Like Ryan Reynolds110Drinkin' and Dreamin'111Trouble112Tim + Faith113Blame Myself114You'll Think Of Me (Amazon Music Original)115Better Than Nothing At All116Chasing Tornadoes117Gather Round118Burning Down The Barn119Child Of This Land120Blame It On Me121Cheap Sunglasses122Go Easy123Out Here124Fallin' For You125Neon Dreamin'126Unwind127He Met a Girl128The Country Kind129Feel Like Home130Jealous of Myself131Heartbreak Lane132The Road That Raised You Up133Been There Too134What if I Don't135The Whiskey's Gone