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REDISCOVER New Zealand Music

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A decade-spanning collection of hits from Aotearoa New Zealand's finest. Cover: Crowded House.


1Don't Dream It's Over2Slice of Heaven3Royals4Sway5How Bizarre6Don't Forget Your Roots (2021 Remix / Remaster)7Young Blood8April Sun in Cuba (Remastered 2006)9Counting The Beat10Pink Frost11Bridges12Supalonely [feat. Gus Dapperton]13Screems from Da Old Plantation14Not Many15Wandering Eye16In the Air17My Delirium18Home Again (Remastered)19Cruise Control (1994)20Break in the Weather21Something in the Water22So Good at Being in Trouble23The Barrel24Message To My Girl25Catching Feelings (feat. SIX60)26One27Everything28Don't Worry Bout' It29Computer Games30Sitting Inside My Head31Tally Ho32There Is No Depression in New Zealand33Be Mine Tonight34Lydia35It’s Too Late36Buffalo37Chains38Swing39In the Neighbourhood (2022 remaster)40Take It Easy41What's Chasing You42One Day43Violent44Anchor Me45She Speeds46Not Given Lightly47Nature48Loyal49Escaping50Sophie51Politician52So True53Runnin'54The Greatest55Walkie Talkie Man56Future Me Hates Me57Green Light58In Camera59Poi E60Whaling61Kill Of The Night62Call the Days63Greenstone64Not a Kennedy65Walk (Back to Your Arms)66Gutter Black67Venus (2015 Remaster)68Jesus I Was Evil69Crazy? Yes! Dumb? No!70Me at the Museum, You in the Wintergardens71Slipping Away