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REDISCOVER Indiana Jones

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Indiana Jones the classic hero adventure story, dive into the soundtracks of the 5 part franchise.


1Washington Ending / Raiders March2Anything Goes3Finale & End Credits4Call of the Crystal5Helena's Theme6Marion's Theme / The Crate7Indiana Jones and the Temple of the Forbidden Eye (From Indiana Jones and the Temple of the Forbidden Eye)8Indy Negotiates9Escape from the Temple10The Nightclub Brawl11Indy's Very First Adventure12Raiders March13Prologue to Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny14Fast Streets of Shanghai15In the Jungle16The Boat Scene17The Adventures of Mutt18The Idol Temple19X Marks the Spot20Escape from Venice21Washington Men / Indy's Home22The Journey to Akator23Germany, 194424Scherzo for Motorcycle and Orchestra25Tuk Tuk in Tangiers26Flight from Peru27Map / Out of Fuel28To Athens29Auction at Hotel L'Atlantique30Alarm!31Helena's Theme (For Violin and Orchestra)32The Map Room: Dawn33Slalom on Mt. Humol34Short Round's Theme35Desert Chase36The Scroll / To Pankot Palace37The Jungle Chase38Nocturnal Activities39Bug Tunnel / Death Trap40To Morocco41Approaching the Stones42New York, 196943Children in Chains44Centuries Join Hands45The Temple of Doom46Short Round Escapes47Saving Willie48Slave Children's Crusade49Short Round Helps50The Mine Car Chase51Water!52The Sword Trick53The Broken Bridge / British Relief54The Penitent Man Will Pass55Finale56Voller Returns57Perils of the Deep58Water Ballet59Polybius Cipher60The Grafikos61Archimedes' Tomb62The Airport63Battle of Syracuse64End Credits