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REDISCOVER Murda Inc. Records

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Founded by Irv Gotti, Murder Inc. ruled the 2000s with an unshakeable catalog of hits.


1Holla Holla2The Pledge Remix (Album Version ) [feat. Ashanti & Ja Rule & Nas & 2Pac]3Unfoolish4New York [feat. Fat Joe & Jadakiss]5Down 4 U [feat. Ja Rule & Ashanti & Vita]6Livin' It Up [feat. Case]7Girl's Around The World (Radio Version) [feat. Lil Wayne]8Freestyle [feat. Irv Gotti]9No One Does It Better (Album Version ) [feat. Ashanti]10Mesmerize [feat. Ashanti]11I'm Real (Murder Remix)12Hold On (Album Version )13Put It On Me [feat. Lil' Mo & Vita]14Southside [feat. Ashanti]15I Cry (Album Version ) [feat. Lil' Mo]16Rain On Me17Get It Shawty18Clap Back19Only U20Between Me & You [feat. Christina Milian]21Gangstafied (Album Version ) [feat. Caddillac Tah & Ronny Bumps & Chink Santana]22You [feat. Lil Wayne]23Thug Lovin' (Album Version ) [feat. Bobby Brown]24O.G. (Album Version )25Life Ain't A Game26Baby (Remix) [feat. Scarface]27Justify My Love [feat. Ashanti]28AM To PM29The Rain (Album Version ) [feat. O1 & Ja Rule]30How Many Wanna Die