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Grab your cheeseboard and favorite bottle of wine, Natalie is back! Embark on a new journey with her as she juggles motherhood, keeping up with her chef fiancé in the kitchen, and blind-fully navigating through her 30’s the only way she knows best, humble and hopefully not hangry. read less
133. From the Patreon Vault - The Not-So Abnormal Life of a Medium with Susan Allen
133. From the Patreon Vault - The Not-So Abnormal Life of a Medium with Susan Allen
Hello friends, I will be back shortly with a fresh episode, for now enjoy this exclusive Patreon episodes from earlier this with my medium, Susan Allen! I am excited to close out the first month of the new year as I feel like I am just learning so much along this new journey of mental health, self awareness, and mindset. In the same spirit (ha), I am excited to welcome to this very special Patreon episode, a medium I have seen and adore, Susan Allen. As a foretell, she doesn't to provide me a reading in this conversation, and I wanted her to have a chance to share more about her life and how she came to practice this spiritual gift. I know my audience is all over the map on spirituality and belief, and I wanted to just offer a window into her world through an introductory interview of her life and work. I do hope, in the near future, to have her back on to give me a reading for you all to experience that on the show! In the meantime, enjoy getting to know Susan Allen. Learn more about her work at: and sign up for her email list! Enjoy the Show! Join The Humble Hive on Patreon - - THIS WEEK’S SPONSOR: DOSE> Dose is offering HUMBLE & HUNGRY listeners 15% off  your first order, plus an additional 15% off if you subscribe for a monthly delivery! That’s 30% off your first order! Go to and use code HUMBLE. - Are you a business or brand and want to participate in our giveaway or sponsor the show? Contact us at - Follow Natalie Puche on Instagram at @nataliepuche. - “Talkaholic” - Humble & Hungry Podcast theme song provided by: Producer/Engineer: Heather Baker  Vocalist and Musical Performance: Moa Munoz Mixer: Alexia Stratton - Humble & Hungry is Hosted and Produced by Natalie Puche and edited & Co-Produced in partnership with Andy Lara at Learn more about your ad choices. Visit