Venice Talks

Monica Cesarato

Venice Talks is a podcast series about Venice in Italy, hosted by Monica Cesarato, who is putting her insider experience at your disposal to help you experience the city at 360 ! There is a reason why Venice is one of the most visited cities in the world: is it perhaps because its attractions are something absolutely unique? Absolutely so. Nowhere else will you find a city built entirely on water with a glorious history spanning centuries. Bu there are two ways to visit Venice: following the rush of tourists who in a few hours drag themselves along a predetermined route chosen by about 20 million people every year, or leaving this path trying to discover a less postcard-worthy Venice. I think you can do both: you can go and enjoy Saint Marks’ Square and its monument or the Rialto Bridge admiring the Grand Canal, fighting though with the crowds to be able to take a souvenir photo. But you can also get out of the cliché about Venice and discover that there are extraordinary places even in a city that in itself is out of any ordinary. Venice is not just about its monuments and its history: it’s about its people, the Venetians. So,if you are planning your vacation, or it is already organized but you are looking for more useful tips for visiting Venice, you are on the right place. This is a weekly podcast on the Venetian people, their lives and struggles in the city of Venice. Every week, Venice Talks aims to find what’s going on among the canals and small alleyways, uncovering the stories and speaking to the people that matter. These conversations aim to animate, educate and create discussions about how to visit Venice the right and sustainable way. We do this through sharing fascinating stories about the past, present and future of Venice. This podcast is a cultural platform to discuss the most salient issues facing our city today and celebrate the people, organisations and stories behind The Serenissima. read less
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