Ep 60: The Power of Audio: Creating Immersive Experiences through Podcasting - with Chris Smith

The Lazy Girl's Guide to Podcasting: A Podcast about How to Start a Podcast and Podcasting Tips

04-01-2024 • 44 mins

Join me for an insightful conversation with Chris Smith from Podtastic Audio as we dive deep into the world of podcasting audio.

I ask Chris why there seems to be a preference for audio podcasting over video and how listener statistics should inform podcast content. He shares effective ways to improve audio quality in podcasts, pointing out "With audio, you can do more with less. Audio is probably the only content that ever would exist that you can physically consume while doing anything else."

We discuss the immersive experience of audio, podcast advertising, challenges in video editing compared to audio, and much more. You'll hear nuggets of wisdom from Chris like "What's in it for the listeners? I know why you as the podcaster are doing it...But why should the listener care? Why are they here? What are they getting out of this?” We'll also talk about the statistic that 80% of podcasters DON'T use video as part of their podcasting production.

Tune in for actionable podcasting tips and insights on how to create a successful podcast without spending a fortune.

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  • Advice on creating a great podcast without spending a fortune
  • The benefits of audio podcasts and the ability to create an immersive experience for listeners
  • The preference for audio podcasts over video podcasts and the freedom and convenience it offers
  • Understanding your audience and using listener statistics to inform content creation decisions
  • The immersive experience of audio and the quick pacing of YouTube videos
  • The significance of audio quality in podcasting and actionable tips for improving it
  • The difference between radio and podcast advertising, and the ability to skip ads in podcasts
  • The impact of microphone choice, headphone usage, and environment on audio quality
  • The importance of engaging content and providing value to the listeners.


  • [00:00:00] Intro
  • [00:03:46] Why Focus on Audio Podcasts
  • [00:10:16] The Pros and Cons of Audio vs Video Podcasting
  • [00:16:05] The Importance of Knowing Your Audience in Podcasting
  • [00:21:17] The Power of Audio and YouTube's Quick Pace
  • [00:29:48] Improving Audio Quality for Podcasts
  • [00:35:51] The Importance of Audio Quality in Podcasting

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