Ep 62: How Captivate.fm Made Podcasting Easy for Lazy Girls

The Lazy Girl's Guide to Podcasting: A Podcast about How to Start a Podcast and Podcasting Tips

11-01-2024 • 18 mins

Have you found your podcast host to be lacking in features?

This is exactly the scenario I found myself in when I was with my previous podcasting host, Megaphone. I found that (for me) the interface wasn't the best, and I found a lack in features to help grow my podcast.

So, in this episode, I talk about my decision and experience to switch my podcast hosting platform from Megaphone to Captivate.fm. I'll go through the reasons why I decided that Megaphone wasn't the podcast hosting platform for me and also why I decided to move over to Captivate.fm.

Scroll up and hit play to listen to this episode and pick up some podcasting tips that will help you if you're on the fence about choosing either Megaphone or Captivate.fm as your podcast hosting service. You'll also pick up podcasting tips about how to choose the podcast host that best suits your own podcast.

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  • Switching podcast hosts
  • Issues with previous host (Megaphone)
  • Benefits of new host (Captivate.fm)
  • Responsive support team
  • Favourite feature: Captivate Sync plugin - Automated post pages and back catalog sync
  • Other Captivate.fm features: Monetization options and guest booking section


  • [00:00:01] Switching Podcast Hosts: A Tech Thursday Report
  • [00:03:35] Switching Podcast Hosts: What You Need to Know
  • [00:04:43] Why I Switched Podcast Hosting Platforms
  • [00:11:31] My Journey from Megaphone to Captivate

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