Are “racist" kids necessarily raised by “racist” parents? (Part 2)

The Embrace Race Podcast

18-03-2024 • 36 mins

In this conversation, we continue to counter the myth that if our kids express racist ideas they must have gotten them at home, from their caregivers. There are so many sources from which kids learn about race. Last episode we looked at one source: children’s media. On today’s episode, we look at another source of children’s racial learning: the racial inequality kids see all around them.

Melissa and Andrew are lucky to be in conversation with developmental psychologist Marjorie Rhodes for this episode. Among her research interests, Marjorie has studied how kids make sense of systems of racial inequality. She and her colleagues have found that when trying to make sense of these systems, kids are inclined, developmentally, to come to wrong conclusions on their own. She explains why and shares helpful language for helping kids understand systemic inequality. Learn more about this episode and find related tools and resources on our website.

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