Season Finale! Friends reflect on their race and kids journeys as caregivers

The Embrace Race Podcast

25-03-2024 • 50 mins

On this last episode of Season 1, EmbraceRace co-founders and co-hosts Melissa Giraud and Andrew Grant-Thomas go back to where it all began. They invite a few friends and neighbors over - all parents, and one educator among them - to talk about their own learning journeys as caregivers trying to guide children around race back when EmbraceRace started in early 2016 vs. now. What have they all learned? How has parenting and caregiver changed in the intervening years? They gather with Farah Ameen, Khama Ennis and Dana Kadish (read more about them below!). We hope this episode inspires you to start your own kids and race support group!

The EmbraceRace Podcast is an extension of the work of EmbraceRace, a community of support for caregivers, parents, educators, and other adults in the lives of kids who strive to be informed, thoughtful and brave about race so that their kids can be too. At EmbraceRace, we create and curate the tools, community spaces, and networks we all need to raise a generation of kids who are resilient, empathetic, critical thinkers on race and who are committed to racial justice.