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Ridge to River Outdoors hosted by Doug Saint-Denis, is all about fishing and the outdoors. Spontaneous dialog, enduring memories and lively tales about fishing and the outdoors. Based just north of Seattle in Washington State, Doug is a full time charter captain and sport fishing guide. He shares stories and talks to others about their fishing and outdoor experiences from all over the country and the world. read less


Best Christmas Gift Idea
Best Christmas Gift Idea
In this episode I want to give you my BEST Christmas gift idea for your loved one, who fishes, hunts, plays sports or any outdoors activity they want to records for family, friends and more.  A couple years ago, I stumbled onto Yolotek products when I was trying to record video for my YouTube Channel.  My guest is Christian Corley.  Christian is the inventor and owner of Yolotek.  Yolotek has products that will elevate you and your loved ones video capturing ability for video and share it with anyone they wish.  I am not a pro staff member of Yolotek.  That said, I completely recommend this product because I bought it and use it for my video production.  Yolotek products is game changing, when it comes to video. It is literally like having a “Camera man in your boat.” https://yolotek.com/    If you have an idea for a podcast, fishing or outdoors related, drop us a line. Ridge to River Outdoors is hosted by Doug Saint-Denis. I am a full time charter captain and sport fishing guide in Washington State.Episode 11_________________________________________Connect with me:YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/ridgetoriveroutdoorsFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/Ridge-to-River-Outdoors-LLC-365-Charters-114026498644635/Email: gofish@ridgetoriveroutdoors.comMain Site: ridgetoriveroutdoors.comPodcast Website: https://ridgetoriveroutdoors.buzzsprout.comConnect with me:Main Website: https://ridgetoriveroutdoors.com/Podcast Website: https://ridgetoriveroutdoors.buzzsprout.comEmail: gofish@ridgetoriveroutdoors.comYouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/ridgetoriveroutdoorsFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/Ridge-to-River-Outdoors-LLC-365-Charters-114026498644635/