Episode 4 - Are lethal autonomous weapons ethical?

Lethal Autonomous Weapons: 10 things we want to know

15-09-2021 • 31 minuti

Paola Gaeta and Marta Bo interview Dr. Ozlem Ulgen, Reader in International Law and Ethics at the Birmingham City School of Law. Ozlem Ulgen is an expert on moral and legal philosophy in relation to the regulation of artificial intelligence and robotics. In this episode, she talks about the ethical challenges posed by the use of autonomous weapons in warfare, particularly in relation to the concept of human dignity.

Ozlem Ulgen is the author of The Law and Ethics of Autonomous Weapons: A Cosmopolitan Perspective (Routledge forthcoming 2021), ‘Kantian Ethics in the Age of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics’, 43 Questions in International Law 59 (2017) and ‘Human Dignity in an Age of Autonomous Weapons: Are We in Danger of Losing an “Elementary Consideration of Humanity”?’, European Society of International Law Conference Paper Series No. 15/2016.

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