Episode 5 - Can lethal autonomous weapons used by police respect human rights?

Lethal Autonomous Weapons: 10 things we want to know

29-09-2021 • 33 minuti

Paola Gaeta and Alessandra Spadaro interview Dr. Andrea Spagnolo, Assistant Professor at the University of Turin and a member of the International Institute of Humanitarian Law. His research spans several areas of international law, including international human rights law and new technologies. In this episode, he discusses the use of autonomous weapons in domestic law enforcement scenarios and their compatibility with human rights law.

Andrea Spagnolo is the author of ‘What Do Human Rights Really Say About the Use of Autonomous Weapons Systems for Law Enforcement Purposes?’, in Elena Carpanelli and Nicole Lazzerini (eds), Use and Misuse of New Technologies: Contemporary Challenges in International and European Law, 55-72 (Springer 2019) and ‘Human rights implications of autonomous weapon systems in domestic law enforcement: sci-fi reflections on a lo-fi reality’, 43 Questions of International Law 33 (2017)

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