ITALIAN, FOR SURE | Italian Culture Guide via Conversations with Italians in Italy

Catrin Skaperdas

Your ultimate (and accurate) guide to Italian culture! Italian, For Sure goes beyond the cliches and stereotypes to reveal the true Italian way of living. Catrin Skaperdas, an American living in Italy, hosts lively interviews with locals in an effort to give Italians the (befitting) stage to passionately share their wisdom, stories and insights about Italy. This podcast is perfect for listeners who desire to learn more about Italian culture, dream of moving to Italy, plan on visiting or studying abroad in Italy, or have Italian roots or heritage. It covers topics that help develop your cultural awareness, making it easier to navigate Italy, and equip you with fun facts to share. Get ready to embark on a culturally rich journey that will transport you to different corners of Italy through the voices of locals who make this country truly special. Italians will set the record straight, allowing you to know what’s truly Italian and what’s not by unveiling hidden gems about the Italian customs. (Italian, For Sure is created and hosted by Catrin Skaperdas and post-production is done by Adam Whalley. Show art was designed by Giulia Baroni.) read less
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