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06-05-2023 • 1 hr 45 mins

Darwin is a UK Hardcore DJ & producer from Hastings, East Sussex, UK.

Part of Darwin & Ant Johnson alongside Ant Johnson, Darwin & Entity alongside DJ Entity (aka Clive Stone), and Fracus & Darwin alongside DJ Fracus (aka Gary Powell)


* Electronic Nightmare (Original Mix) - Darwin
* Only Road (Darwin's HU Remix) - Darwin, In Effect
* Where's That Higher Love (Hardcore Mix) - Darwin, Jack In Box
* You Are Still The One (Original Mix) - Darwin, Dy5on
* I Feel Safe (Impulse Riders Remix) - Darwin
* Come And Find Me (Original Mix) - Darwin, 3star
* Silence Is So Hard (Original Mix) - Darwin, Time Rhythm
* Again & Again (Hardcore Mix) - Darwin, Jack In Box
* Died In Your Arms (Original Mix) - Darwin, 3star, Projekt
* Stop The World (Original Mix) - Darwin, Dy5on
* Drums Are Drumming (Original Mix) - Darwin, Doug Horizon
* We R The Same (Original Mix) - Darwin, AOS
* Light Up The Sky (Original Mix) - Darwin
* Summer Breeze (Original Mix) - Darwin, Ant Johnson
* Take a Ride (Gamma Remix) - Darwin, Ant Johnson
* Sometimes (Original Mix) - Darwin, Impulse Riders
* Set Yourself Free (DNA Original Mix) - Darwin, Jennifer Bolton
* Angel From The Sky (Happycore Mix) - Darwin
* A Reason Why (Original Mix) - Darwin
* Lights In The Sky (Original Mix) - Darwin, Dy5on
* I Can Change (Original Mix) - Darwin, Flakee
* Under Pressure (I Can't Take It) - Darwin, Cube::Hard