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Phil Ranta: Evolution of Content Creation Then and Now | Ep. 6
Phil Ranta: Evolution of Content Creation Then and Now | Ep. 6
What does it take to build a lasting career as a content creator? And how is that changing? In this episode, Phil Ranta, CEO of Spree, discusses trends and challenges in the creator economy, offering insights and advice for both established influencers and aspiring content creators. From emphasizing the importance of building genuine connections with audiences to sell well to exploring emerging trends like shoppable video and the untapped potential of platforms like Snapchat, YouTube, and Pinterest for monetization and diverse career paths, Ranta provides a comprehensive overview of the landscape today, and where it's come from. Hosted by Powder.In this episode, we cover:The strategies creators can nurture to build genuine connections with their audience.How short-form content has affected the earning potential of influencers, making it necessary for creators to find alternative ways to make money, such as through affiliate deals and shoppable video.The untapped potential of Snapchat for influencer marketing and how creators can capitalize on its features.How ROI in influencer marketing can be unpredictable, making it difficult for brands to determine the success of a campaign before it happens.Challenges and opportunities in the health and wellness niche for creators, including navigating reliable information and diversifying revenue streams.And more… Hosted on Acast. See for more information.