Are “racist" kids necessarily raised by “racist” parents? (Part 1 - Children's Media)

The Embrace Race Podcast

11-03-2024 • 39 mins

(Part 1: A look at what children’s media teaches kids about race)

It’s easy to think that racist behaviors start at home. But the truth is, how a person sees, maneuvers, and behaves in the world is more complicated. On today's episode, hosts Melissa and Andrew speak with Courtney Wong Chin, Senior Director of Research at Nickelodeon’s Noggin, about the role the media plays in shaping the way kids think about and understand race. What do kids learn from media? And how can the adults in their lives guide them to be critical of problematic messages about race and embrace healthy racial attitudes about themselves and about others? Learn more about this episode and find related tools and resources on our website.

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